The Truth and that which Looks Like the Truth.

As I was brushing my teeth, I remembered a choir song we sang in primary school that went a little like this,
‘Masomo ni ufunguo wa maisha,
Masomo ndio mambo yote,
Watoto, hebu tuende tukasome
Tutapata maisha bora…’

I’d say that this song got us to the Nationals lakini the truth is that I don’t remember. I love to read but I have a hard time reading a book I am supposed to for education purposes. I bet that if I read all the set books I hated to read in school, I’ll end up loving each one. That’s how I am with this song, it only made sense after school. Education is the key to life, in any way that it comes in, even through life itself.

As this song came to mind, Christianity came to mind too and with that, the bible.

It scares me every time I think of the number of people who believe they’re Christians and know that what they believe in is the truth but in actual sense, it is just something that looks like the truth. It scares me even more to think of the many seemingly truth like doctrines out there that people teach.

What beats down that fear to a pulp and gives me hope however is the Bible, the authoritative word of God, the ultimate hack, and you can never go wrong or lose your way when you read your bible unless you read it to suit your own understanding.

Why are you a Christian? What does it mean to be a Christian? What do you believe in as a Christian?

P.S: ‘All those who say that they are Christ’s, and then go and live ungodly lives, stain the name of Christ’ -Charles Spurgeon.

Do you call yourself a Christian and still indulge in that which you would have if you were not?
When the bible gets difficult to read, do you twist it to suit your much sweeter understanding?

Imagine walking in darkness that which you thought was light this whole time. I hope you seek to know why you believe in that which you do, otherwise, you’ll end up like the Seven Sons of Sceva who even an evil Spirit couldn’t recognise the Jesus they spoke of. (Acts 19: 14-16).

If I was to rewrite that choir song I sang in my childhood, it would go a little like this:
The word of God is the gateway to life,
The word of God is everything,
Children, let us go read the word of God,
We shall be full of life Himself.

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  1. P'APPLE

    I love it !!! Especially the song , let us read the word of God, we shall be full of life Himself. ❤️

    1. Gita

      Thank you P’apple 🙂

  2. Biko

    Wow …… I love the Clarity in this.

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