Scrambled Eggs and a Side of Patience.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel one needs abundant patience when making scrambled eggs. That, and lighting fire using firewood.

Amidst the stirring, the waiting and the growling tummy; I might as well serve while it’s still gooey but I can’t. First because, I really have no taste for raw to semi cooked anything especially eggs. Second because, excellence in all things is something I am really out to learn.

I made scrambled eggs today. I didn’t use a non-stick pan (rookie mistake) so the cooker had to be turned really low to avoid the eggs from sticking to the bottom of the pan.




It wasn’t that much fun, especially during the ‘wait’. Patience and I are still learning to be friends.

The end result was beautiful. It made me appreciate Patience even more.

We light fire using firewood every morning to make food for the dogs. Paraffin or not, kazi lazima iendelee. The no paraffin days are not my favorite mostly because of the constant blowing, stinging eyes, the throat clenching smoke and the numerous failed attempts before the embers begin to flicker.

Ice keeps telling me that once I see the smoke, I can go on to do something else. The fire will light and the water will boil. I’d join the wahenga with the ‘palipo moshi, pana moto’ but until I see the embers begin to flicker, I will blow and blow and may be passout (I don’t) then awake to blow some more only because I want to be done with the task fast enough. What I don’t realise is that I use more time than I would dwelling on the task instead of waiting.

Have you ever been in such a situation? You try your best to be as fast as possible but you end up taking more time?

Anyway, back to Patience, I might have lost a grip on mine in between standing outside Mr. Price for hours waiting for a certain someone and trying to go into flash mode at the counter in the supermarket after being served and the person behind me might as well push me out of the way cause I am moving too slowly. Where is the balance?

I really did think that God was building up my patience as I waited hapo opposite archives but then I realised that I may easily equate my actions to being reckless. Whatever it is that was making me wait was in no way going to bring glory to Him. So that is one way you can tell whether your ‘patience’ is actually patience.

I left the fire to light when I saw the smoke even without seeing the embers flicker. I did my best and walked away. It lit! That transformed me. It is not that I didn’t believe my sister or the Wahenga. I suppose I had to experience it on my own. Patience.

It is in the waiting that I get to step out of the tiny smoky kitchen and into the cold morning air, look up and see the moon as it merges with the clouds.

Otherwise, in my hurry to do all things at the same time, I miss the chance to look up or see the bees drink from the morning dew. I miss the chance to appreciate God’s glory as I worry.

It is in the waiting that we for go our timing and control and surrender to God’s. (Jon Jorgenson)

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  1. Mike Oduor

    The journey of discovery is important. Patience finally breaks ground.

    Good stuff! 🙌

    1. Gita

      Thanks a lot Mike 🙂

  2. Beth

    Patience and I are still learning to be friends…me to Gita….ushai choma mahindi…the patience required to let the whole of it roast😂 sijaweza bado… still learning…thanks Gita… I’ll take a moment to see God’s glory

    1. Gita

      Tukule the half side that is roasted as we learn😂😅✊karibu Beth and thanks for reading 🙂

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