Here is some Gold for your Brokenness.

Kin = Golden.

tsugi = Joinery.

In literal terms, Kintsugi (also known as kintsukuroi) means ‘to join with gold’. In Zen aesthetics, the broken pieces of an accidentally-smashed pot should be carefully picked up, reassembled and then glued together with lacquer inflected with a very luxuriant gold powder. There should be no attempt to disguise the damage, the point is to render the fault-lines beautiful and strong. The precious veins of gold are there to emphasise that breaks have a philosophically-rich merit all on their own. (The School of Life).

I love this word more for the meaning it beholds.
…there should be no attempt to disguise the damage…let the precious veins of gold be seen through the breaks.

It is hard to see our breaks as beautiful sometimes especially because the kin that runs between the cracks is hardly visible.

Sometimes we hit the ground so hard that when we get up, the steps we take sound like broken glass and this broken-glass-sound grows familiar to our ears that it gets musical; like chimes.

We can suddenly hear the sound of sadness and it is beautiful and it is all we want to listen to through each broken-glass-sound footstep.

Sadness is a lot of things, most of them contrary. Sadness is unusually soothing, see, very contrary. It’s hard to explain feeling sad and wanting to stay that way because it’s comforting.

It’s hard to explain because not many people would get it. The people who would get it are probably feeling the same way. So you all share then sulk in silence of the soothing sadness listening to sad lofi music till sleep comes and hopefully takes you forever.

Not many people would get it. But God would. When I read the Psalms, I know that God would get it. Even when I say that darkness surely will consume me, even darkness becomes light to God. Even when I say ‘hello darkness, my old friend’ these cracks that make me, shine with piercing light of gold.

Your cracks shine brighter than the sadness you feel, your cracks are gold compared to the brokenness you see. Ask your maker, He will show you.

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