Here’s a Remedy for Your Blues.

I wish I could read your mind. Not in an intrusive kind of way, I wish I could, just so that you wouldn’t have to go through the torture of explaining that which even you hardly understand. I have a hard time explaining what it is that’s going on in my mind sometimes too, and when I do try, I fumble and the point gets lost somewhere in between the air that holds the words.

I do try to pray about it but no words form so I sit there not knowing what to say. I know it’s hard to talk about something you can’t put in words; not because you don’t want to, I know it’s because you can’t.

But just because you can’t form your words, doesn’t mean you can’t go before God and just sit there not knowing what to say. I can’t read your mind but He can. I may not understand why you are the way you are but He does and not in an intrusive kind of way.

What would you do if your most wonderful creation broke? I’d try to fix mine. ‘Try to fix‘ because I am human and even after succeeding it wouldn’t look totally good as new but it would be fixed and I’d be so happy because after all, this is my most wonderful creation.

You are God’s most wonderful creation and because He is God, He doesn’t try to…He fixes to perfection.

He takes Broken things and makes them beautiful, whole again; puts them back together again. (Potter and Friend- Dante Bowe, Jesse Cline)

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  1. Brill

    Makes them whole and put them back together again….Amen

    1. Gita

      There’s nothing like the Potter’s hands 🙂

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