Faith and Mortal Minds.

Holding on to a righteous right hand that holds you back even when you can’t physically see.
Knowing the perfect definition from Hebrews so you hold on to that faith.
Allowing difficult questions to ponder your mind even with the fear that they might shake up your faith.

When you were little, what kind of questions crossed your mind about God? I  remember a time I was teaching Sunday School. I was telling the kids about the Spirit of God. One of them asked who God is left with when His Spirit comes to us.

Children ask the most challenging questions, wouldn’t you agree? I on the other hand, have refused to even indulge in these challenging questions when they cross my mind. I shut them out as soon as I feel a wave of them coming through.

The reason I refuse to think them through is because I fear that they will mess my faith up.  They almost did. Not because I finally decided  to think about them but because I didn’t.

Allowing yourself to go through these questions is not so much that you may find answers but that you may find assurance and with that, insurance in your faith for God that even when you are faced with tangible information of how the world was, is and should be, your faith is not shaken.

Allowing difficult questions to ponder your mind knowing that your endurance has a chance to grow for when it is fully developed, you will be strong in character and ready for anything.

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