A Temporary Fix.

Because I am a vessel I know that I am bound to get a crack, crevice or even a broken section off me so there is this glue I carry around with me. The label reads ‘permanent glue’ so I trust that when I use it, the fix is instant and of course permanent.

The moment I see the crack, I let out the glue and pour a generous amount and the fix is instant. After sometime the crack begins to open up and so I use more glue and ignore the fact that the label read, ‘permanent’ yet what I see are temporary results.

After a while, the crack begins to crumble because no amount of glue is sufficient, so I am stuck in what looks like a sticky situation.

I should have thought of this earlier yet I couldn’t, I was too caught up in piecing myself together that I forgot I could consult the Maker of this vessel, He beholds the manual yet I felt I could do a better job, a faster one at that. Faster because even after being told to wait, I didn’t. Even after being told to trust, I placed much of that trust on myself than the maker of me.

I know faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see (Hebrew 11:1), yet I forget very fast when I see that broken piece on me that needs fixing. I also forget that the numerous attempts I have tried to fix the broken parts, are all failed attempts.

I am tired of myself at this point to the point where, if I was face to face with myself, I would just pounce on myself and give her a thorough black and blue beating. I guess this is what they mean when they say the flesh condemns you whilst the Spirit of the Lord convicts you because in as much as I feel like slapping myself all the way to judgment day and get it over with, the Spirit of the Lord is teaching me in truth and in love and I am learning.

So as I am being renewed of my heart, Spirit and mind, daily, I am aware that I am a child of weakness and my strength indeed is small so I am bound to forget especially in the heat of the moment, I am bound to trust on self even after knowing that I will fail but I am not bound to staying this way forever because as I am being transformed, I learn to put my all in all on Jesus Christ.

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  1. Clemo

    …stuck in what looks like a sticky situation…Nice morning read to kick off the week at a high believing Jesus to lead the way👌

    1. Gita

      Through and through Clement ✊

  2. Calvin

    Good read.
    i totally relate to the article.

    may God continue blessing you as you continue to inspire others with the gift he has given you (personal ministry)

    1. Gita

      Thank you so much Calvin: for reading and for your encouraging words 🙂

  3. Mike Owen

    Life is temporary; Faith is love, it can not be forced.

    1. Gita

      Can it be taught? 🙂

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