About Strings


 I am stocked that you are here. Do look through. You shall find pieces written in many different hues that I like to call Strings. These Strings are a way for me to glorify God. They are also a way for me tell you of His wonderful love. I write to you that your heart may be filled with joy and that as I share these experiences, you may draw the more close to God and stay steadfast in Him.

About the Author

I remember a time I tried to find one word that describes me. I ended up having the word tattooed on me, which might make a funny tale one day (The Girl With The -definitely not- Dragon Tattoo). I never really could find one word, until I realized that what I was actually trying to find was identity. I found it in Jesus Christ. He helped me. He still is 🙂 So I might tell you that I try to be funny especially during awkward situations: whether it works, is something you'll have to tell me. I might tell you I love you even though I haven't yet met you (God's love does that) and a lot more but I believe that as I tell you of God's perfect love, you shall know more about me in words more than one.